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Campus Culture

Colorado Early Colleges Aurora is committed to a philosophy that encourages all students to become responsible for their actions and behavior. This policy aims to instill in all students responsibility and consideration and respect for themselves and others. We believe effective communication among parents, students, and teachers will create a positive, safe, and nurturing environment, thereby assisting students to become productive members of society.

We believe the behavior of students in the classroom of CECA is of utmost importance if CECA is to accomplish its mission.

The Campus Culture office is dedicated to providing a safe and positive educational environment that promotes respect, high expectations, self-discipline, and academic achievement. We are committed to modeling appropriate social behaviors to foster citizenship and life-long learning.

The Campus Culture department serves the CECA student body in the following areas:

School Safety
Athletic Participation







Anonymously report school safety concerns by clicking here.  you will be re-directed to the safe 2 tell website.

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