Campus Culture

Colorado Early Colleges Aurora is committed to a philosophy that encourages all students to become responsible for their actions and behavior. This policy aims to instill in all students responsibility and consideration and respect for themselves and others. We believe effective communication among parents, students, and teachers will create a positive, safe, and nurturing environment, thereby assisting students to become productive members of society.

We believe the behavior of students in the classroom of CECA is of utmost importance if CECA is to accomplish its mission.

The Campus Culture office is dedicated to providing a safe and positive educational environment that promotes respect, high expectations, self-discipline, and academic achievement. We are committed to modeling appropriate social behaviors to foster citizenship and life-long learning.

The Campus Culture department serves the CECA student body in the following areas:

School Safety
Athletic Participation


Please review the highlights of our Attendance, Dress Code, and Cell Phone policies below.    


Attendance and Tardy Policy

In order for students to be successful in both high school, technical school, and college classes, it is imperative that they arrive to school on time and attend school (and all classes) daily. 

  •        The Dean of Culture will be tracking attendance and tardy patterns and as the family liaison to contact families or request a conference or attendance/tardy contract.
  •        Wellness teacher can support student with strategies to work on attendance goals.
  •        Monthly Warrior Celebrations will recognize attendance excellence as well as improvement.


Student dress code: The objective of the dress code is to “dress for educational success”

     1.   Clothing should promote attention to academics and not distract from the educational environment
    •       Students of all genders should wear clothing that covers chest, back, buttock, thighs, and ALL undergarments.
    •       Undergarments include all underwear/boxers, bras, tights, leggings, undershirts, tank/spaghetti strap tops, etc.
    •       Outerwear should be worn outside of the school building, only. This includes coats/jackets, gloves/hats/hoods.
    •        Athletic and athleisure clothing should only be worn while participating in physical education or related athletics.
  1.         Clothing should ensure safety/security of all students and staff at all times.
    •       All pants should be worn between the natural waist line and the hip bones. Pants must fit properly at all times, and skin and underwear should never be exposed.  A belt may be required for some pants to be considered in dress code.
    •       sneakers or street shoes worn at all times (no slippers, flip-flops, or slides)
    •       Sunglasses, (nonreligious) head coverings of any kind are all considered, outerwear.
    •       Piercings must remain safe in size and ‘dangle’ factor and not distract from the educational environment. Tattoos that are deemed distracting from the school environment must be covered at all times.
    •       Any clothing that is considered “inappropriate or distracting from the learning environment” will have consequences.
  2.         CECA dress code understands that all students are diverse, and that dress code should allow all body shapes, genders, races, religions, socio-economic backgrounds, etc.       to feel comfortable dressing for their education at CECA and during all school sponsored events and activities.
    •      All dresses, skirts, & shorts should be no shorter than 2” above the knee (front and back).
    •      Short sleeve or sleeveless tops may be worn, as long as chest, back, or undergarments are not exposed (Strapless, spaghetti strap or tank tops are prohibited)
    •      Excessively tight clothing, sheer fabrics, pajamas/athleisure, or anything considered ‘revealing’ by CECA administration is not in alignment with the dress code.
  3.          Consequences for dress code violations
    1.        Removal from class to “fix” dress code violations (wear a CECA shirt, add length to pants, rope belt, etc.) with a formal warning and written reflection.
    2.        Removal from class to “fix” dress code violations (wear a CECA shirt, add length to pants, rope belt, etc.) with a parent call home and detention.
    3.        Removal from class to “fix” dress code violations (wear a CECA shirt, add length to pants, rope belt, etc.) with 1 day of ISS and parent conference. Dress code policy agreement will be drafted at this conference.


Cell Phone Policy

All personal technology (including, but not limited to cell phones) are to be used for educational purposes and with direct permission from the teacher, staff member, or administrator only. 


Classroom expectations of cell phones

  1.         Students enter the classroom and put their cell phone into their assigned slot, to indicate their attendance in class for the period.
  2.         Students are not to collect their phones until indicated by the teacher at the end of the period.
  3.         Teachers may give individual, small group, or whole class permission to use their cell phone, for that period only.
  4.         Students are only to use the phone/technology for directed, educational purpose. Students found in violation in any way (message, social media, games, entertainment, etc.)    will have their phone privileges revoked for the period (or longer if teacher deems appropriate).
  5.         If more than a reminder is needed to be in phone/technology compliance from any teacher or staff member, the Director of Campus Culture will meet with student to create a    phone/technology contract. Consequences will continue to phone suspensions, ISS, and check in policy. 



Hannah Reese • Head of Schools





Anonymously report school safety concerns by clicking here.  you will be re-directed to the safe 2 tell website.

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