Jada was tired of seeing the fights and rudeness that had become so common at her former high school. When she arrived at CEC, she was struck by the kindness and respect everyone—students and teachers—seemed to show each other.  


“It’s a diverse school, and everyone is friends with everyone,” she said. “No one makes fun of each other, and people really care. When you first walk in, the air is just really welcoming.”  

Since she’s been at CEC, she’s appreciated getting to know students from different cultures and backgrounds, including her friend Miriam from Afghanistan—the first person Jada has known who speaks Farsi.  


“The diversity just made me really excited,” she said. “Whether you’re black or white, we all have the same experience and the same goal, to get the associate degree, and we all have the equal opportunity to get that degree.” 


Jada wants to work with the FBI when she’s older, and is appreciative for the extra help to get ahead she’s receiving from her teachers at CEC. 


“The teachers really care about your grades here,” she said. “If you don’t get something, the teacher will help after school or before school or even make time right then. They really care about how the students do.”