Athena Robles

Athena Robles is driven. She came to CEC from an IB program because she wanted to feel confident that the work she was putting in for college-level courses would turn into college-level credit. With her eyes set on a career in business or journalism, she knew she needed a four-year degree—something her family was unable to pay for. 


“At CEC, you get to take actual college-level courses at actual college campuses for actual credit,” she said. “You do the work, you get the credit. It’s that simple.” 


Athena is on track to graduate with an associate degree and plans to finish her last two years of college at a four-year school with the help of scholarships. 


Her favorite thing about CEC, however, isn’t the academics. It’s the people. She loves how the smaller class sizes make it possible for everyone to ask questions and get answers, and best of all, take initiative in their own learning. The workforce ready class, for instance, gave her the opportunity to learn how to budget, be financially responsible and develop the habits to be a successful student.  


“CEC really wants to help you get your degree, to find and meet your level and get to where you’re supposed to be.” she said.