Alejandra was introduced to CEC by her cousin, and she “right away fell in love.” She really appreciated that you could take the right classes at the right level to reach your goal, regardless of where you’re starting from, rather than being lumped in with a large group as at a traditional public high school. 


The diversity was also important to her. The school was home to students from a variety of cultural backgrounds, races and socioeconomic statuses, and each individual classroom, regardless of level or subject, reflected that diversity.  


“CEC does a great job of making everyone feel welcomed,” she said. “Even the parents who only speak Spanish, there is someone here who can talk to them and make them comfortable.” 


The smaller sized classrooms made it easy for Alejandra to make lasting friendships over shared interests and pursuits. 


“It’s great that it’s a small school, because you know everyone and you’re able to share,” she said. “Whenever you need help with something, you can find someone willing to help you. We really have a connection.”