Required Forms

Emergency and Medical Information -Emergency and Medical Information is required to be enrolled at CECA and is part of the online enrollment process.

Immunization Form (download copy below) - A copy of your student's immunization record is required in order to enroll at CECA.  We will accept records directly from your doctor’s office or from the previous school.   You may also have your physician complete the chart.

  • Immunization records may be faxed directly from your doctor’s office or from your previous school to 303-593-2590.

  • You may have your physician complete this certificate.

  • You may sign the waiver/exemption area on the form.

Authorization to Administer Medication (download copy below) - The Authorization to Administer Medication is to be signed by your health care provider, giving the school nurse permission to administer prescription medication in school.  This form must be filled out and signed by you and your Health Care Provider (HCP) if your child is taking prescription medication during school hours.