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Letter of Intent

CECA provides students in grades 9th-12th the opportunity to begin working on college-level courses as soon as they are college ready. CECA students can earn a combination of high school and college credits as they pursue a high school diploma and an Associate degree or higher -- all at no cost to the CECA families. CECA pays for tuition, fees, and books.

Completing the form below indicates that you would like to enroll your student at Colorado Early Colleges Aurora.

I understand that this form in no way obligates the parent or child to participate in the Colorado Early Colleges – Aurora program.  This form does not guarantee enrollment.   Enrollment is established only after 1) the student takes the Accuplacer test; 2) a Certificate of Enrollment is issued to the student; 3) a completed Enrollment packet is received and approved by the Colorado Early Colleges – Aurora; and 4) the student meets with an advisor.

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