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For each student listed below who enrolls and stays enrolled through October 1, CECA will give you a voucher for a $100 gift card. The $100 voucher can be donated to any CECA student’s tuition voucher or to CECA’s activity fund. Current students can use their voucher for yearbook, activity tickets (homecoming, prom) or they can apply it to their lunch balance. All referrals must be submitted in writing by October 1 of each school year. Rewards will be given ONLY to those who fill out this form, including mailing address and submit it by October 1. Only one reward will be given for each new student. If two forms are received, the first one submitted will be honored. Rewards cannot be split. CECA cannot give referral rewards for students living in the same household as the referring person. Rewards will be issued in December of the referred student’s first year at CECA and must be claimed before the deadline specified.

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