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CCPT Community College Placement Test

Community College Placement Test (CCPT)

The Colorado Community College System requires all students to take a college placement test to determine their readiness for college-level courses. This test will also help your advisors to determine which Math and English classes you should register for. This assessment is a great first step into college and can help students begin their successful educational journey.


The CCPT consists of two sections:

  1. English: this section is comprised of 25 multiple choice questions on reading and an essay on an assigned topic. View the study resources available for the English test
  2. Math: this section is comprised of an adaptive 30-question basic algebra test followed by a 35-question diagnostic test. Calculators are embedded in the test for certain questions (handheld calculators are not allowed). View the study resources available for the Math test


The test is not timed, but takes approximately three hours to complete.